A look into: Foundation 4 Responsive Framework

ZURB has recently released a new version of their popular responsive framework, Foundation. In this version, they’ve made some drastic changes, eliminated a few components, and added new features. So, here are a few things that I think is worth noting in this release.
Let’s check them out.

10 Skills You Need To Succeed Working On The Web

Freelancers wanting to cut costs and maintain full editorial control will frequently and aggressively invest in honing their own skills. More often than not, these new skills will turn out to be extensions of their prior knowledge. But to really expand your business and broaden your horizons, you should look beyond the present moment or assignment, and envision your future.

The 10 Biggest Names Behind Photoshop You Should Know

Nowadays it’s impossible to find a professional website and even physical prints that is not digitally processed by Photoshop. In fact, almost every product or design today, including Hongkiat.com, has gotten help from Photoshop. More than 20 years on, it is still defining the universe of digital imaging, with no signs of slowing down.

Yet we know so few about who is behind it – key developers, whose names sit in front of the Photoshop splash screen we stare at every single time we launch the software. And now, driven by curiosity and gratefulness, it is my obligation to unfold the stories of 10 unsung heroes who forged and polished the Photoshop we rely on to make a good living. It’s time we celebrate them.

25 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Bloggers

Blogging, or more specifically writing, is a daily routine for us, here in hongkiat.com. In the process, we’ve accumulated a lot of resources that would be real helpful in jumpstarting one’s blogging career. If you want to start writing your own blog, you can always check out the tons of materials we have on blogging, plus this amazing list of cheatsheets, infographics & resources you don’t want to miss.

15 Project Types You Will Face In Freelancing

Have you ever heard of the toughest species on the Earth? It’s named Toughus Freelancerus, common named Freelancers. Not only do we survive clients from hell, we have also worked hours on low-budget, supernatural-ranking projects while keeping our sanity intact. Some of us even wish to go back to the days before, when we were newborn and innocent, with no fear for much of anything except not being taken seriously.